CBC News reporting on Andrew and his friends' efforts on Mount Everest in 2006

Following Andrew’s first Mount Everest climb, there was an outpouring of support and excitement for what he and his fellow climbers were able to accomplish. The story was featured in mainstream media newscasts worldwide, including CBC’s The National, As It Happens, Sounds Like Canada, and NBC’s Dateline.

The following letters written to the CBC give an indication of the sentiment surrounding this event:

I am saying this as a mountaineer myself, who sometimes focuses too much on summiting a mountain. Everybody knows that climbers above 8000 meters run the risk of being left behind if they can not walk for themselves. They know all this - and accept the risk.

I will not judge the 40 other climbers, walking by their fellow climber, either believing he is dead or believing there is no chance to get him down without risking the lives of others.

But I will judge Mr. Brash. He decided to scrap all his hard work and dedication for a humanitarian act. An act which for the outsiders, sitting in a safe and sound environment looks so obvious - but being at 8700 meters is by far not. You will now be remembered not as one of the thousands of Mt. Everest summiters, but as a selfless person - as a hero!! 

- Axel Hallbauer, Calgary, AB

What can one add after reading the other comments? It's all been said, but it's such an inspiring feat of humane behaviour and personal moral courage that I think it bears repeating. Mr. Brash is one fine human being and although I believe he probably will feel more slightly embarrassed at all the praise than wallow in it, I want to add my voice to the wave of approval.

- Dan Lacroix | Québec, QC

Andrew Brash is my daughter's grade 9 teacher and when he broke the news to the class he would be leaving for 2 months to climb Everest, I think the class was a little shocked. My daughter must have cried the whole night when he said goodbye to them. He is a wonderful teacher, person and I am sure a great father as well. My daughter had nothing but praise for him. He was such an inspiration to the class and they had utmost respect for him for his accomplishments.

After his heroic feat on Mt. Everest, this is the ultimate inspiration for our youth and means more than reaching the peak itself. What an honour for our school and the children to even have known him. I thank God he is safe and able to return to his wife, baby and our children. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 

- Noshy Karbani | Calgary, AB