Speak: Making Great Decisions!
Andrew Brash
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I have twice had Andrew present to our top sales professionals and clients. I would highly recommend him as a speaker for those who want to set high standards and lead by example. - Mick Kelly, Standard Life
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Andrew’s passion for climbing has allowed him to travel all over the world, climbing some of the most dangerous and breathtaking peaks on Earth. He also loves to speak about these adventures.

Along the way he has experienced some of the greatest highs and overcome the lowest of lows, both mentally and physically. His involvement in the Lincoln Hall story on Mt. Everest and the resulting lessons of making decisions that matter, comprise the message Andrew brings to the public speaking platform.

Keynote Presentation: Three Rules for Living Drawing on his many mountainerering experiences, including the dramatic events that took place on Mt. Everest in 2006, Andrew's presentation centres around some straightforwrd rules for living that when adhered to, can lead to personal and professional accomplshments and dreams being realized.




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